Device Information 2020

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4 December 2019

Information on the Use of Devices in classes and recommended specifications

We thought it might be useful to share with you information on suitable devices again in case you are looking at purchasing for Christmas.

At  St Joseph’s School, the Board of Trustees has funded 8 Chromebooks per classroom in Rooms 3 - 9 and 4 iPads and 6 - 8 iPods in Rooms 1 & 2. The Board will continue to ensure that this baseline of devices is maintained but cannot fund devices to the level of one to one which is becoming increasingly necessary as the shape of learning changes. The Ministry have an arrangement with Google to fund Chrome device management licence console.

In order to meet the changing nature of the digital world, students with their own device will be able to practice the digital skills required to be self managing, collaborative and innovative learners. Having a device that they own provides them with the tools required to maximise learning opportunities as they occur, utilising the wider learning community, whilst also providing easier access to resources and information, both inside and outside the classroom.

Use of Devices in Classrooms

R1-2    up to 20% of learning time    
R3-4    up to 40% of learning time
R5-6    up to 60% of learning time
R7-9     up to 90% of learning time

Recommended Device features

  • the minimum of an 11 inch screen (13-14 inches is ideal)

  • a full sized keyboard (Tablet/iPad must have a separate keyboard)

  • Wifi connectivity

  • minimum of 5 hours battery life

  • a durable carry case.

Our preferred device is a ChromeBook. Other devices that also work in the classroom are the Lenovo ideapad, Microsoft Surface, or Asus spin. iPads are not ideal beyond Year 1 as many of the applications we are using require a keyboard and the applications are clunky to access on an iPad.
The school covers the cost of the Google Management Console for use at school and home.

No iPads in Rooms 3 - 9.

Carmel Brosnahan-Pye