Ski Trip 1 September

Published on Wednesday, 1 August 2018, 9:36 a.m. Print Article

The skiing students need to be at school in the morning by following times –


Room 7 & 8 7.10 am for a 7.30 am departure


Room 5 & 6 7.45 am for a 8.00 am departure

A decision will be made before 7 am if the weather is not suitable and a text will be sent out.


Wear your warm clothes to school.


Bring your helmet and your jacket.In your bag you should have:


●Over-trousers●Hat●Gloves/mittens●Spare clothes (extra polyprop, skivvy, sweatpants, gloves)●Sun glasses/sunblock/lip protection●Small pack of tissues●Lunch box with lots of snacks●Drink bottle containing water


Any medication should be carried by parents (inhalers, allergy) or given to your child’s teacher if you are not going.

We will have a fantastic day!