Sisters performing in the final

St Joseph's got talent

Published on Monday, 7 November 2016, 7:48 p.m. Print Article

Another great night of entertainment at the St Joseph's got talent final evening.

Thanks to Adrienne Oldfield for the wonderful job she does organising this showcase of our students talents. Not only was the final a great show but last week we had 3 lunchtime concerts for the heats and all performers who put themselves forward should be commended.





Special thanks to the judge Cheryl Blanchard for giving up her time and expertise for the heats and the final.

Thanks to the comperes Harriet and Samual , the stage crew Kayla , & Michael, and the techies Toby and Ange Hide.

Congratulations to all our competitors and to the winners on the night.

Soloists: Mya 1st, Rachel 2nd

Duet: Peter & Lui

Instrumentalists: Stevie, Eric & Rachel

Other: Nico