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Kids for Kids concert

Published on Wednesday, 28 May 2014, 9:48 a.m. Print Article

Congratulations to our Kids for Kids choir who performed at the SBs events centre last night. The choir joined schools from around South Canterbury I performing with Nathan King in the World Vision concert. Parents and grandparents were treated to a lovely arrangement of New Zealand classic songs during the evening. We were very proud to have four students selected for various roles in the concert. Eva was selected as a soloist for the song "Maybe tomorrow". She sang beautifully harmonising well with the choir   . Madison was selected as narrator for the Wonky Donkey song. Her performance was polished as she narrated with the expression of an experienced performer. Ava joined a small ukulele band for a medley of songs concluding with ten guitars. Her ability and enjoyment showed as she played with panache.Lastly Amy joined a group of students for the final song to sing and dance to the "She's a mod"She clearly enjoyed the performance giving it her all.

Thanks to Mrs Oldfield for all her work preparing the choir and to the students for their enthusiasm and dedication.
Photos available on the Media page