What design will you create for the side of the Orbiter bus? Here is an image of Timaru's CBD

Orbiter Bus Art Challenge

Published on Monday, 27 May 2013, 3:53 p.m. Print Article

                                 Orbital Bus Art                                                     25.5.2013

Environment Canterbury is launching a new bus service in Timaru in July. The route passes directly by several schools, and will link many key destinations and attractions in Timaru.


As part of the celebration and launch of the new route, they would love to get local school children involved in creating artwork for the side panels of the two buses that will be used on the route. A similar project was done with schools in the Selwyn District shortly after the earthquakes.


Practical information about the vinyl decals

The size of the decal is approximately 4m long by 1m high.

Our school logo / motto can be included on the decal.

The artwork will be painted directly onto a piece of vinyl by children, then it will be laminated and mounted on the side of one of the buses.

Environment Canterbury will supply the decal vinyl and the water-based paint. 


Design brief

Create two different pictures, one for each side of the bus.

The artwork should include a depiction of some of the key destinations on the route which are:

  • CBD and retail area
  • Hospital
  • Northtown Mall
  • Highfield Mall
  • CBay Aquatic Centre
  • SBS Events Centre
  • Alpine Energy Stadium
  • Caroline Bay
  • The winning design/combination of designs will be painted by a group of children with the help of Mrs Hide, Mrs Young, Mrs Nossiter and Mrs Oldfield

    How to get started:
    Research your ideas. Google some painting styles, google images/photograph some of the places listed above.

  • Think about what you would like to include in your design.
  • Draw your design on A3 template provided – one picture for the left and another for the right side of the bus.
  • Hand your completed designs in to Mrs Hide by Wednesday
  • Time line:

    27 May –This week you create your designs and teachers select pictures to be painted.

    5 July – Our plan is sent to Environment Canterbury for approval.

    19 June – Paint and vinyl dropped off to school.

    8 July – Completed pictures, painted on vinyl, delivered to Environment Canterbury.

    Check out the hall window and school web site for more information. Go to your dashboard for photos of Timaru on BUs Art Page

    We hope you enjoy taking part in this art challenge.

    Mrs Hide, Mrs Young, Mrs Nossiter and Mrs Oldfield